Member Profiles


Matt Essom x


Location: engine.NN


One of our members who never ceases to amaze everybody with his incredible talent for illustration.
He has been honing his craft since he was a young boy and has begun applying for jobs in the highly competitive games industry.

Until the day he inevitably leaves us for his fancy games studio job, Matt is an incredible character to have with us.
We feel lucky to have such an incredible artist in our midst.


Expertise Graphic Design, Illustration

Industry Games

Alex Rawson x

Director of Photography

Location: engine.NN


Alex has been honing his craft as a videographer/photographer for many years now and produces some phenomenal content for many a musician and music events worldwide.

When he is not shooting on location he likes to call his desk at co-work engine. Home.

Best Advice Recieved

"Hard work gives you options"


Expertise Video Production

Industry Video & Film

Johnathan Galimore x

Software Developer

Location: engine.NN


Jonathan is the pillar that holds up the UK division of Tomitribe. A platform built upon Java is about all we know.

Want to know more? Come in and have a chat with him.


Expertise Learning & Development, Software Development

Industry IT

Laura Graham x


Location: engine.NN


Laura is a freelance writer, avid blogger and supporter of countless charities.
She was one of our first members and is invaluable in keeping the engine. community alive.

Herself and Paige also run ‘The Happy You Project’ on a mission to improve the well-being and happiness of corporations and everyday Joe’s alike.
One excellent example of their work is ‘The Happy hood’ zine, reporting on all good news to be heard in Northampton.

Best Advice Recieved

"It's character building"


Expertise Coaching, Learning & Development, Writing

Industry Journalism

Suzy Sanders x

Virtual Assistant

Location: engine.NN


“Creating more hours in the day” Suzy is the Admin Angel and specialises in letting you get back to the reason you started your business.

Offload all your emails, marketing and sales onto Suzy and her team and they’ll be more than happy to make light work of it.


Expertise Events Management, Marketing, Virtual/Personal Assistance

Industry Administration

Jacob Austin-Lavelle x

Creative Director

Location: engine.NN


Jacob occupies our two-person office with his business partner Alex. Together they form Bolthouse films specialising in creative commercial and music video production.

He is also one of the founders of engine. and responsible for its branding and this very website.

Best Advice Recieved

"Actions speak louder than words"


Expertise Film & Video, Graphic Design, Video Production, Web Design

Industry Video & Film, Web Design

Phil Cridge x


Location: engine.NN


Phil is one of our woodworkers here in the workshop and makes anything from tables to kitchens to boats.

He is also one of our founders and built some of the fittings you see in Northampton’s co work space.

Best Advice Recieved

"You are what you repeatedly do"


Expertise Design, Licensing

Industry Animation, Video & Film

Liam Taylor x

Commercial Director

Location: engine.NN


Liam is Commercial Director at Rubber Road Ltd.
An international creator of the best ‘Pub Safe’ game and film merchandise on the market.

Liam’s role sees him bridging the gap between the industries greatest products and some of the worlds largest retailers.

Best Advice Recieved

"Be the person people want to talk to"


Expertise International Trade, Licensing, Negotiating, Sales

Industry Games

Tremaine Richard-Noel x

Artist Manager

Location: engine.NN


Tremaine is the managing director of Noel Music Management and now manages over 1000 artists.
This demands quite the hectic schedule but he still finds time to be part of the community here at engine. and Northampton as a whole.

He also sits on the Board of Governors for the NHS Trust Northampton.


Expertise Business Development, Contract Law, Talent Management

Industry Music