“The books need keeping, the phone needs answering. offloading admin to focus on what you’re good at is worth it’s weight in gold.”

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Professional Services

Beyond the support of our community and the functionality of our spaces, we know that sometimes extra help can go a long way. whether it is freeing up time for you to focus on what you’re great at, or perhaps having a 1 to 1 chat about where your business could develop. We’ve put together some services to suit.


Office & Workshop Space

Whether you're working with digital tables or wooden ones, we all need a place to produce our work and build our companies.

That said there are 100 things to think about when finding that space. How long is the lease? is the landlord decent? which utilities do I need and from who? how much are business rates, tax, service charges? and of course, what's the internet going to be like?!

We wanted to take all of that away and create a simple, flexible, low commitment space for you to focus on what you do. Surrounded by other like-minded ambitious people. Welcome to engine.

Bookable Meeting Room

A meeting room. A workshop room. A presentation space.

Whatever you need it for it's there. Whether internal or client facing our meeting room is designed to suit. Simple and sleek with a few engine. touches, the room includes.
- Large Northampton Maple Wood conference table.
- Built in projector with HDMI Input station for presentations.
- Whiteboard wall
- Flexible seating arrangements

Accounting & Bookkeeping

One of the biggest banes of any self employed person or small business owner is keeping the books in check. If you’ve got it all under control, then bravo my friend; we should all be a little more like you. For the rest of us, we’ve put a book keeping service in place. So you can PAYG and use as much or as little as you need.

For a one time setup session, we can also show you how to set yourself up on excellent free accounting software, So you can keep your eyes on the books and keep everything tickety-boo.

Mailbox & Phone Services

If you phone is ringing off the hook with enquiries and leads. Save time & add some extra professionalism with a business number and call handling.

The same goes for mail. If your business is in need of it’s own mailbox and you’re not a member then we’ve still got you covered with your own mailbox.

From £1.00/qualified call     From £30.00/month


Business Support

Beyond our in-house services we have partnered with some excellent business support teams. Below you can find a list of our partners and some contact information.

‘Comprehensive and unbiased support for your new or growing business’

The Northamptonshire growth hub runs programmes to support and develope local business. With an objective to grow the local economy, and support from SEMLEP.

The team are always open to hearing how they could possibly help and have a deep understanding of business development, as well as the local enterprise landscape.

‘Youth can do it - We believe in Britain's young people’

With a 40 year history, The Princes Trust has a proven record of helping young people grasp their potential. Recently employing more holistic end to end support programmes to help 11 to 30 year olds.

‘100 years of supporting business in Northamptonshire’

A Chamber of Commerce for Northamptonshire was founded in 1917 in response to the concerns of boot and shoe manufacturers over exports during the first world war. Over 100 years of experience speaks for itself. For a fast track to access Northamptonshire business network it's well worth considering becoming a member. The wide range of Chamber Membership benefits have been specifically designed to enable small and medium-sized businesses to make the most of their potential

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