We’re engine.
a creative coworking space for digital & hands on creatives.

Coworking is not only about the space. It’s also about the community with in it.

Our challenge is to design a space that you feel inspired to work in, and build a community that you’re inspired to work alongside.

We’ve visited Google Campus, we’ve read about Stanford’s ‘D school’. and now we’ve created engine.

We believe that co-working is all about lifestyle; about doing the work that excites you, in a place that empowers you.

engine. is about working for yourself, not by yourself.

So if you’re passionate, driven, and just an all round good egg, then welcome home.

“We wanted to create space for you to take your passion seriously. Hone your craft, learn from others,and build the lifestyle you want.”

Home block

  • Office workshop
  • master at work
  • bay in workshop
  • Relaxed work area
  • signage entrance
  • community lunch co work space
  • panel saw open access
  • window desk

We want to offer our members as much support as possible to make their dream a practical reality.
So we’ve partnered with some people who really know how to help . . .



Laura Graham

What I love about engine is the opportunity to meet and work alongside like-minded, creative people. It’s a really supportive, fun and inspiring environment which brings out the best in me, allowing me to get the most out of my working day and develop my budding business.


Laura Graham

Positivity Blogger
Alex Rawson

I’ve just never experienced a work environment like it. I work in different locations as well as working from home often. Everything from having different spaces to work whenever I want, to a simple thing like good quality coffee in the morning and friendly faces being around, it just makes the place perfect for my work/lifestyle right now.

Alex Rawson

Hannah Stewart-Mathews

I can’t believe that no one else has created this sooner. The workshop is a perfect way for me to scale up my theatre production projects when I am creating larger scale props. All the machinery I need, included, and no long-term contracts which were always the biggest issue for me as I need to be flexible with my space needs.

Hannah Stewart-Mathews

Prop Designer & Art Director
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