Welcome friends and strangers alike to the first official engine. blog post.

Yes it’s lovely we’ve built a space for lots of creative inspiring people, and yes it’s been an incredible few months taking this from an idea over a coffee to a living breathing thing;
But let’s skip the small talk.

I want to focus for a second on why we decided to do this, and why we decided to do it with our own hands (a little harder to justify to sore back and tired eyes right now)

It’s our mission to try and help people build the lifestyle they want. And we know that a huuuuuge part of that is the work we do, but also the way in which we do that work.
We believe that everyone is a creative, that each person has something they would love to bring to life. That purpose is what spring us out of our comfy beds in the morning excited, and what let’s us rest our heads at night contented.
Those are the people we wanted to help, the people we wanted to surround ourselves with and be inspired by.

The next piece of the puzzle was that little thing loneliness.
Working from home, or on your own in a large workshop just doesn’t give you the kind of positive feedback that we all need. Trust me we’ve been there, in our Pyjamas at the ‘home office’ doing anything but the work you’ve sat down to do. Or freezing cold, talking to ourselves ,whilst trying to build a boat in an old yard.
Now I know some pretty introverted cats (i’m looking at your IT Steve), but even those lone wolf lock in types need a cuddle every now and then :).

So you’re in a new flexible purpose-built workspace, surrounded by friendly, inspiring people. What next?
Here’s the fun part. It’s up to you…
The community will evolve and grow based on the unique work and character of our members. Let’s see where this place takes us.

the engine. team


  • Mark Chapman
    Posted May 25, 2017 2:47 pm 0Likes

    Thank you for the amazing opportunity to work with you as a client and as a coworker! I loved the vibe and the outcome of our cooperation. You do great!

    • Martin Moore
      Posted May 25, 2017 2:49 pm 0Likes

      Your website looks awesome on any device. This is just perfect for my project!

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