National Freelancer’s Day and The Co-working Awards!

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In the build up to National Freelancer’s Day and to boost the profile of co working in Northampton, we’ll  be doing a serious of posts on how to take full control of your life as a freelancer, how to employ your dream team whenever you need them and sharing our very own home grown success stories. We are also very excited to see the co-working awards unfold! We’ll be reporting on some of our favourite spaces and drawing inspiration from this rapidly growing industry.

IPSE, The Association of Independent Practitioners and Self Employed will be hosting the event on 28th June to allow the rapidly expanding gig economy to engage, inform and connect with other like-minded independent professionals; we’ve got some of them right here at Co-work engine. Northampton. 

In the meantime, come and meet our community at co work engine. Northampton and see how it can benefit your work life.


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