It’s construction time here at engine!

Since we opened on Nov 1st we have had our eye keenly on the covered stairway to the cellar. Thanks to our incredible members we are now able to expand and develop the meeting rooms here at engine. Private space to conduct the huge variety of workshops, courses, client meetings we have so often had inquiries about.

Monday marked day one of the construction works. And so far so good! The plans are in place and though we don’t want to spill all of the beans just yet, I can let you know that there will be two meeting rooms available. One larger housing up to 10 people and the second being a small 2 person meeting space for more intimate and impromptu meets.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the early initial doodles:

Sketches of initial ideas for the meeting rooms
Sketches of initial ideas for the meeting rooms

We are constantly looking to improve the space that we have here and reinvest everything we have into improving the service, both practically and digitally. These meeting rooms mark a big milestone for us in fulfilling this promise. Beyond these, we have other works which range from simple quality of life improvements through to extending our range of desk space available as we continue to grow.

Our plans for the new row of desks along the rear window bank are being drafted as I type this and yet again we cannot wait to show you more. Watch out for our consistent updates on our social media platforms.

Much love,
Team engine.


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