open access workshop


engine. be happy coworking and enjoy the self-employed benefits of employment freelancing to become the ambitious entrepreneur you are. creative community, happy people, contemporary design office, community, commune, work hard working together. build amazing businesses in Northampton and the UK all around. England and Britain have great co-work opportunities for young creative people and students and people working from home or home workers and home working.

co-work is about sharing economy, new exciting plans and companies. your business can grow in a growth sector surrounded by inspiring inspired people. Lots of exiting people working together having fun in a cool office for cool people who may be called hipsters but are an awesome collective of emerging freelancer and contract and contingency staff members looking to create a new career path for themselves in their passion.

an open-access workshop like a fab lab or fabrication laboratory for open access shared machinery for all members who sign up monthly rolling contract PAYG with no fix terms easy access to save

The field of work that they love and dream of doing