engine. talks – Lawrence Howlett

March 25th     7pm-9pm     engine.

05/23/20      19:00-21:00      34-36 NN14NY

How have you been doing? Busy? That’s a terrible answer… Finding yourself working IN rather than ON your business?  

Take 2 hours to grab some ON time and join us for an evening to really understand your business and what specifically moves your needle.   

Our host, Lawrence Howlett has spent over £5million in Google Ads in the last 4 years in consumer finance lead generation and is on a mission to be the next Martin Lewis!  

So what? Well, having seen how multi-million pound campaigns work, I’ve learnt extremely quickly the common success factors in business and constantly ask myself “what’s moving my needle”.

  1. What impact are your daily actions having on your aspirations?

  2. What is the ONE thing that will move your needle today?

  3. How are your marketing activities truly impacting the growth of your business?

We’ll cover…

  • What I quickly learnt from spending £5million in Google Ads.
  • How to identify, track and improve on the KPI that really matters to your business
  • A simple framework to write conversion optimised content throughout your entire funnel
  • Workshop to physically move your needle, right here, right now
  • Q&A

Who’s this for?

People who are directly responsible for putting deals on the table;
typically freelancers, owners and marketers. 

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