Taking a chance and leaping into self-employment can be a scary prospect. There are all the “what ifs”. What if my idea isn’t that good and doesn’t actually work? What if I don’t really know what I’m doing? What if I run out of money? What if I fail? It’s that fear of failure that stops the majority of people with great ideas, from taking a risk. It’s that fear that can leave people in jobs they hate because they feel comfortable and secure but often deeply unfulfilled.

The fear of failure can also be linked to the fact that self-employment can seem like a lonely prospect, like you’re the only risk taker you know and therefore, you must be the one who’s doing the wrong thing. When actually, you’re the one taking life by the horns and being brave enough, not only to step outside the box, but to tear it up and throw it in the recycling.

Be under no illusion, self-employment can be difficult. There are long hours and sacrifices to make but there are also moments of pure joy because you’re defining your destiny. You’re creating a life for yourself that is based around your passion. You have complete control.

So leap, leap now! You’re not alone. There are people just like you who have amazing ideas and who are taking the risks that you want to. They are right here at engine. and keen to help you through. Need some advice on marketing your business? Want to find out about the best networking events? Don’t know where to order your business cards from? It’s all the little and big things that can be discussed over a cup of yellow bourbon coffee.

Let us be your teammates, ready to congratulate you on a big win or boil the kettle when things feel overwhelming. You can do this! Failure isn’t an option when you have the inspiration and motivation of like-minded creative people. Take that leap into our community.

Throwback to Laura at www.its-character-building.com getting lunch in for everyone.

This article was crafted by the wordsmith that is Laura Graham.
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