What’s the point of coworking? Well, part of it is to build connections that positively influence your working life, whether that’s from a financial or social perspective. We love a good news story here at engine. and we are delighted that our vision of bringing people together for mutually beneficial interactions is already happening.

Anneka Shally is a copywriter with a dream of working freelance. Part of the appeal of freelancing is the flexibility it gives to work and travel, a lifestyle that Anneka wanted to create for herself. Struggling to find the connections and opportunities to take her talent freelance, curiosity brought her along to the engine. launch party on 1st November where she met a fellow member Fran. The pair got talking and quickly realised they could help each other. Fran knew of a copywriting opportunity in Asia. A coffee and meeting at engine. led Anneka to sign a contract which will enable her to develop her business and travel.

I had seen a co-working space in Sheffield and realised the benefit that it could bring me. I was seriously considering moving as Northampton didn’t seem to offer an equivalent space. I’m delighted that a chance meeting at engine. has led so quickly and easily to start my business and travel to Manila.” Anneka explained excitedly.

I really enjoy working at engine. The people are all friendly and the environment is really well designed. I have built up links both personally and professionally and I look forward to returning to the space after my return from Asia.

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Anneka freelancing at engine. NN coworking space. As a freelance copywriter her 2 days/week membership offers her the flexibility to work with mobility as well as have a dedicated space to get her head down without distractions. Check out Anneka’s blog by clicking the image above


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