Behind every member is a story.

The variety in these stories is what makes co-working such an exciting atmosphere.

Sarah joined us at co-work engine. in March of 2018, and earlier this week we sat down and talked all about her journey getting here.

J: Tell us about how you get started in your career as a sales exec in the new world of home automation…

S: I started as a sales executive at Collinwood Lighting. After 7 years at the company, there was a feeling that a new challenge was necessary. It was whilst at the IFSEC convention at the Excel arena that Control 4’s UK division pointed me towards a new Inside Sales position. After some thought, I handed in my notice and the month-long wait to find out if I had the new role at Control 4 began. Turns out it pays to be bold as offered me the job.

J: So how did you begin co-working with us at engine?

S: It’s funny, it was actually my 14 year old sister. She came into my office and said, why don’t you try working from one of those shared of places. I laughed her out the room and 5 seconds later was online searching. It’s funny I actually have to thank her. I found this place online and then was booked in for a tour and trail the next day. My mum came down with me also. As soon as I walked in the door I got such a great vibe and I just knew this was a place I would love to come and call my office. I signed up the next day.

I signed up the next day.

J: Before you were working from home, how has it been a change for you?

S: It has been a huge change. I think back to the first 11 months of me working for Control 4 from home and wonder how I did it. I surprised myself that I could work on my own and that was a good challenge, though if I had known about engine. it would have been an easy choice to get away from the home office. There is something about getting out of the house that is refreshing. I get to leave home and get some of that office family back again; the one thing I miss from my old company. It’s funny sometimes I used to feel like leaving the house then turning back around and walking in just to stay sane! Here, even if no one said a word it would still feel like I am surrounded by good people who are making things happen. So yeah it has been a big change. My director has seen improvement in my work as well as my wellbeing and has since told me that I will no longer be paying for my membership and that the company would be taking care of it. I never really made a fuss about it or told anyone I was paying because I felt like I was getting so much from it. It is a great feeling for them to see that too and they also seem to love what engine. has to offer.

J: That’s so good to hear. You say that you are getting so much from being here, how has that affected your output?

S: The quarter in which I joined engine I had the 3rd best sales month in the company globally. It’s always hard to say for sure but the numbers rarely lie. My Year on Year target was at 20% and I hit 67%, and it feels like I am being that much more productive. I think a big part of that is the effect of the space, but also I think it comes from just being in a better mood. Lot’s of light, friendly and inspiring faces, great tea and coffee, breakout areas, and few distractions just makes you feel good.

J: So what would you say have been your biggest win since being here at engine.

S: Out of the 180 strong sales team I am 1 of 4 women, so to go up on stage at our annual Sales Summit in the States this year as the 3rd highest in the division was pretty special. 

At this point, another member Tremaine comes into the kitchen and we all get chatting.

T: It sounds silly but I am so proud of you! It genuinely makes me happy to hear how well you are doing. It gives me so much energy.

It was great to sit down for an hour with Sarah and get to know a bit more about her journey and why she is enjoying the space so far. Everyone has a story that has lead them here; twists and turns in the road that gives character to their companies and careers.

You can’t connect the dots going forward.

…Is something that Steve Jobs addresses in his 2005 Standford Commencement Address speech and in that spirit it feels good to reflect on how we came to work together. Our job at co-work engine. is to build a platform for our members to thrive in. Sarah is doing just that. Our conversation concluded with a vision:

J: Years from now I bet we will look back at this period and think about how much we grew. The members here all on their paths excelling in their fields.

S: Who knows we may have to throw a reunion 🙂

To find out more about Sarah and our other members, you can visit the member profiles section of our site.

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