From the fingertips of one of our members, engine.NN’s favourite Operations Manager, David Langley wrote about his experiences of working from home and we’re so pleased he’s allowed us to share his thoughts here. Find him on LinkedIn, and scroll on to read his piece.

Working from home is an interesting concept. For years I envied those that did, those that could avoid the daily commute to a mundane looking office in a generic industrial estate, fighting to get their favourite parking spot right out front only to find Janine from Finance had stolen it.

I managed to secure my dream job of working with colleagues from across the world, with MobiClix Group being based out of Singapore, a large office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and another Satellite office in Cairo, Egypt. Getting the opportunity to continue Northampton’s Mobile Payments world domination was incredible, all from the comfort of my own home. Glamourous and exciting, the envy of all my friends, having the freedom and all the other benefits of not stepping out of the front door.

Promoting MobiClix Group to the masses, running integrations for some of our new branded and premium products including Babystep.TV, Vanguard and Acronis to aggregators across Europe all from a 1950s retro desk picked up from an antiques shop in Northampton town felt exhilarating.

MobiClix bring high-quality content from some of the biggest brands around, giving an eclectic mix of content from Anime to Yoga to Games, all through the payment medium of Mobile Payments. Working together with L1 aggregators and operators, we’re trying to push the benefits and seamless nature of using this method of payment – such as is being adopted by huge brands like Microsoft and Sony in the UK and is fast becoming a way of life in countries such as South Korea and Japan.

Being based in the UK, it gives me the opportunity to be a face for MobiClix in front of the regulators, aggregators, operators and the brands we’re working with, pushing the agenda for MobiClix to be one of the market leaders in the adoption and further development of the industry.

These kinds of meetings however gave a great respite to the ever-increasing truth that working from home all the time is BORING, even if our global team kept me entertained and challenged each day. The daily routine of eating porridge in a dressing gown each morning leaves a lot to be desired, with motivation dwindling with it.

Engine. offered a perfect solution to the problems of becoming disillusioned with working from home. Highly accommodating with multiple plans, I set up a 3 day per week subscription to get going. Being up, out and dressed filled me with a weird sense of happiness, something that people in 9-5 office jobs may take for granted when wishing for a life of working from their bed. Speaking with different people from all manner of industries each day I came to engine. reignited my productivity. Seeing great people doing what they love can only inspire you to push yourself further.

Now with the best of both worlds, MobiClix Group and my own personal development can only go from strength to strength – with more and more products coming on board, countries becoming available and contacts being interested in the technology that promises to be the future of payments on the go. As long as we have motivated and ambitious companies like MobiClix and the partners that we work with promoting Mobile Payments, it can only continue to be adopted more widely, continue to become trusted by more consumers and break down the barriers for seamless mobile payments to be available for more industries and products. Find out more about MobiClix and the great work we’re doing here.

If you’ve experienced the same, or can relate to your current circumstance, get in touch! Especially if you’re in Northampton or close by, come join me and the wonderful array of people here at engine.NN.


Thank you again to David, you’re one talented chap! Once again, you can find him on LinkedIn, so be sure to check him out and connect with him there.

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