the end of a era (a short but blooming lovely era)…

I’ve tried to start this blog post about 45 times, and each of them more unnecessarily intense than the last, so let us keep it simple: I will no longer be engine’s awesome community manager.

There’s sad, and then there’s really sad, and I’m definitely the second one. As Jake has mentioned to me over the last couple of weeks, my engine journey has been a perfect example of what it’s all about…

When I first found engine. in June 2017, I was a freelancer finding her feet after two years going it solo. 18 months later (ish, I really haven’t checked the maths, let’s just pretend I’m right) I’ve managed to grow to a point where I’m working at capacity, and with clients I would never have known otherwise. I’ve learned a tonne from such a wide variety of talented people, and even been able to speak to at Princes Trust programme that I graduated through, which now takes place at engine too. But more than that, I’ve made some brilliant, brilliant friends and had the pleasure of working alongside two buds I’m genuinely proud to have met.

There have been puns; puns galore; so many in fact, that one time Jake and Phil may have lovingly pulled me aside to say that my sentences needed to make actual sense, which was a very fair, entertaining and necessary shout on their part. There have also been conversations that turned into ideas that turned into engine.’s next steps, which I can’t wait for you to see.

I’ll still be an engine. gal, just one working in healthcare for fellow engine. members Alphalake AI, and I’ll probably still be making too many puns. Thank you Jake, thank you Phil, and thank you my engine. faves.

See you in the office 👋🏻

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