Why would an office space and workshop fit together?

They are two very distinct spaces with two very distinct ways of working. On the one hand, you have a huge workshop with heavy-duty machinery; a noisy space with tools, materials and the smell of wood and paint. On the other hand, you have the serene calm of the office; people tapping away on laptops or sitting discussing ideas. These spaces foster very different businesses. Maybe that’s exactly why it does work.

Having worked exclusively in office spaces for 15 years, I am used to the quiet and clean. I am also used to a certain kind of perspective or viewpoint. When I sit down for community lunch with my workshop colleagues, I get a new point of view. The same can be said for the office team. I certainly don’t have the same thought processes as a web developer who creates code all day and that’s the beauty. I share ideas about my business and because they don’t work in my industry, they have thoughts that I never would. It makes it fun and it makes it valuable.

That’s the thing about diversity, it only serves to enrich the community. Who knew that working alongside a carpenter, videographer, lampshade designer, copywriter and web developer would be as useful as it has been. All these people, with their variety of skill and experience, have directly influenced my growing business, in large and small ways. The mix also represents my customers base and
as such I have a built-in market research group at my fingertips.

So why would an office space and workshop fit together?
The question should be why wouldn’t it?

As the old adage states, engine. is greater than the sum of its parts.

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